Winter Open House

It's a New Year (thank goodness!) and we want to start out the year with some FUN! This is a reschedule of the November 22 Open House that we cancelled out of precaution ahead of the holidays and increasing cases. We knew we owed everyone a chance to taste some amazing wines, so here is our chance at redemption. BONUS: We're also going to be including our newly arrived, SUPER EXCLUSIVE Premiere Napa Valley wines as part of the tasting.

At past Open Houses, normally customers would walk around and go from winery to winery. Instead, you will be standing at your own personal cocktail table, and we will bring the wine to you! Unfortunately, our winery owners and winemakers will be unable to join us this year, but you will still be able to sample their wines along with their tasting notes.


These are the November 22nd Open House Wines we will be sampling...

  • Pott Wine Napa Cabernet

  • Pott Wine Actaeon Cabernet

  • Barnett Vineyards Merlot

  • Barnett Vineyards Cabernet

  • Vine Cliff Winery Cabernet

  • Vine Cliff Winery Reserve Cabernet

  • Anderson's Conn Valley Premiere Napa Valley Auction Red Blend

  • Vine Cliff Premiere Napa Valley Auction Cabernet

  • Salvestrin Winery Retaggio Blend

  • Salvestrin Winery Dr. Crane Cabernet


This event will take place in both Omaha Wine Company's main area and also the tasting room. We are selling tickets for 2 reservations per standing cocktail table following proper COVID distancing guidelines. If you have a party of four, we can put all four of you at two connected tables, just let us know both parties names.

Here are all of the details...

  • Dates/Times: January 10th

  • Sessions Per Day: Two different sessions with 40 people maximum per session.

  • Event Seating: We will utilize a STANDING cocktail style format where we will have 2 people per cocktail table with 12 tables in the front part of the store and 8 tables in the back tasting area. These tables will be spread apart to create safe distance and again there will be no chairs for distancing purposes.

  • Event Format: Unfortunately, none of the wineries are able to travel this year to join us at the Open House. Historically, you walked around to different winery stations, but this year it’s the reverse. Instead, you can enjoy your space at your cocktail table (tell us if you have another group you would like next to you), and we will bring the wine to you! You will have printed tasting notes for each of the wines to guide you along the way. The OWC team will also be making the rounds to answer questions and participate in the fun!

  • Wine Purchases: We will have printed order sheets at each cocktail table to make it easy and convenient for you to write down the number of wines you would like to purchase from what you are tasting that day. To keep sufficient spacing, we are going to request that everyone stay at their table but any of the OWC team can help you with other wines on the shelves that you may want to purchase. Once you are ready to checkout and depart, an OWC team member will take your order sheet to the checkout, coordinate payment with you, and bring your wine back to your cocktail table.

  • Food: Buffets don’t work these days (boo, I loved the whole smoked salmon), but we will have individually prepared and covered small plates at your cocktail table awaiting you along with bottled water.

January 10th Open House

1 - 3 p.m. Session - FULL

4 - 6 p.m. Session 

(402) 431-8558

701 N 114th St, Omaha, NE 68154, USA